Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd
  • PP Woven Sack

    Our range of PP woven bag (laminated/unlaminated) is largely being used as a substitute for jute and paper packing.

  • PP Woven Sack with Liner

    We offer a complete range of PP woven sacks (with/without liner), which is manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing unit.

  • Rice PP Woven Sack

    Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd is one of the largest PP rice woven sack and BOPP plastic woven rice sack manufacturers and suppliers in China.

  • Flour PP Woven Sack

    We are an ISO9001: 2008 certified flour PP woven plastic sack manufacturer in China.

  • Corn PP Woven Sack

    Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is one of the largest PP woven sack or PP woven sack suppliers in China.

  • Vegetable PP Woven Sack

    Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional PP plastic woven sack manufacturer for packing vegetable and fruit in China.

  • Sugar PP Woven Sack

    Sitong Company is one of the largest PP woven plastic sack manufacturers in China.

  • Salt PP Woven Sack

    With years of experience and ultrasound equipment and facilities, we are specialized in providing the best grade PP salt plastic woven sacks in China.

  • Feed PP Woven Sack

    Since there are many types of woven plastic sacks on the market today, it is difficult as to how to choose a right and proper feed sack.

  • Sand Woven Sack

    We are one of largest polypropylene sacks wholesaler in China.

  • Cement Woven Sack

    We are providing a wide assortment of polypropylene sacks and plastic cement sacks in China and across the world, including reusable and cost-effective plastic cement sack.

  • Mineral PP Woven Sack

    With the advantage of light weight, high wear resistance, aging resistance, electric insulation, broad application, and competitive pricing.

  • Resin PP Woven Sack

    We offer the comprehensive range of plastic woven sacks with liner (PP woven packing sacks with liner) and resin PP packing sacks with liner (or plastic woven sacks).

  • Polymer PP Woven Sack

    We provide a wide assortment of polymer woven sack that is highly praised by the customers for its top quality standards.

  • Granules PP Woven Sack

    We are one of largest manufactures and suppliers for vast variety of PP packing sacks in China.

  • Perforated Sacks

    We are one of the largest plastic packing sack suppliers in China. The PP perforated sacks are mainly used for packaging fresh cooked food, fruits and vegetables.

  • Box Sacks

    We are engaged in providing a wide assortment of plastic packing sacks or PP packing sacks to customers in China and across the world.

  • Gusseted Sacks

    We are a well recognized manufacturer and supplier of PP woven sacks and sacks that are delivered to all our customers in China and worldwide.

  • Transparent PP Woven Sack

    Transparent plastic woven sacks allow the buyer to see over the packed contents without opening the sacks.

  • Mail PP Woven Sack

    A mail sack or woven courier sack is a type of sack that can be used to carry different postal material or pack DHL, EMS parcels.

  • PP Shopping Sack

    We can manufacture all different types of pp woven tote sack for the day to day use in various applications.

  • Leno Sacks

    We manufacture and supply a wide assortment leno/net sacks, featuring open weaved polypropylene fabrics finish.

  • Paper Sack

    We are able to supplier a wide assortment of paper sacks, including laminated paper sack, and paper coated sack with liner or woven fabric.

  • Chemical PP Woven Sack

    We are offering a wide assortment of plastic packing sacks in China and worldwide, including PP woven sack for chemical use.

PP Woven Sack

Most of our PP woven sacks are made from a material called polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is a plastic polymer and it can be used in many different industrial and consumer products. Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PP woven sacks in China. PP woven sacks or PP woven sacks are manufactured by top quality materials and are widely appreciated by our worldwide customers for their corrosion resistance, high tear-resistance, tensile strength and excellent water-proof property. Additionally, we offer options of customized products as per the requirements of our valued clients.

What we offer:
  • Laminated woven sacks
  • Sacks with gussets
  • Woven sacks for small loose items
  • FIBC/Tonne Sacks for bulky items
  • PP woven sacks with lining
  • Net Sack (with drawstring)
  • UV stable woven PP sacks
  • Box sack
  • Shopping sack with handle
  • More…

Compared with many other manufacturers, we benift from lower labor costs, land costs and material costs. And having our own facory makes it possible for us to offer some of the cheapest woven PP sack on the market.


1. Our PP woven sacks are durable, reusable and light weight.
2. Available in different sizes, materials, shapes, these sacks can also be produced according to customer’s specifications. They are mostly used for packing various kinds of products.
3. Compared with PE woven sacks or PVC woven sacks, PP woven sacks have the advantages of lighter weight, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, and tear resistance, and broader application scope.
4. The color of the PP woven sacks is generally white or gray, non-toxic and odorless, and not harmful to health.
5. Environmentally Friendly: easily recyclable and reusable.
6. Broad Application Scope: can be used as packaging for various items or products.


Our PP woven sacks have gained an increasing popularity among customers worldwide, and are widely used in packing agricultural products, industrial materials, food, daily necessities, and more.

  • Chemicals, Fertilizer and Feed
  • Cement and Sand
  • Sugar, Salt and Flour
  • Mail, Letter and Documents
  • Rice, Corn, Wheat, Vegetable, and Fruit
  • Resin and Polymer
  • Shopping

PP Woven Sacks Packing
International quality management system

-Factory audit report from BV (Bureau Veritas)

Domestic quality management system

We have been granted -
-License of hazardous chemical packaging production
-License of food packaging containers production
Additionally, we have a specialized quality control department conducting strict quality inspections during each production process. Thus, the quality of our products is 100% guaranteed.
In addition to PP woven sack products, Sitong Company also provides you PP woven fabric, including circular woven fabric, wide round-woven fabric and flat woven fabric.

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