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  • Circular Woven Fabric

    In addition to PP woven bag, we also manufacture and supply circular woven fabric (Narrow Width).

  • Wide Round-Woven Fabric

    laminated PP woven fabrics are widely in different industries worldwide as they offer the best solution for strong, reliable and economical packaging.

  • Flat Woven Fabrics

    We are long specialized in providing packaging solutions for various demands of the clients by designing coated flat woven fabric or uncoated PP flat fabric.

PP Woven Fabric

A woven fabric is a cloth made by the act of weaving. Polypropylene woven fabric or PP woven cloth is mainly made of plastic flat yarn. PP woven cloth offer strong, economical and reliable packing solutions for large number of commodities all over the world. These fabrics are light in weight and have advantages of high tensile strength, wear & tear resistance, ease of transportation.
We are one of major PP woven fabric manufacturers and suppliers in China. PP woven fabric is widely used in water conservation, electrical power, and road & railway construction, etc. Furthermore, PP woven cloth can also be used to make PP woven sacks such as salt PP woven sacks, vegetable PP woven sacks, and sand PP woven sacks.


The woven fabric production is based on strict quality control procedures. Because of rigorous quality control system, the customer receives a top quality product with the best technical parameters and with minimum defects (less than 1%).

  • Wrinkle free
  • Soft and comfortable
Applications of PP Woven Fabric:
Polypropylene fabrics are used for the production of:
  • PP small woven sacks
  • PP box sacks
  • PP perforated sacks
  • FIBCs, bulk sacks and jumbo sacks

We have years of experience in manufacturing PP woven cloth, and we customize woven fabric as per client’s specific requirements, with fabric width of 45-150cm, density of 40-120gsm and various color options.


1. We offer coated and uncoated flat or circular fabrics.
2. Lightweight and high tensile strength.
3. Can be used for producing mail sacks, bulk sacks and other packing sacks.
4. UV stabilized.
5. Laminated/unlaminated.
6. Color can be customized
Our PP woven cloth include circular woven fabric (narrow width), wide round-woven fabric (coated/uncoated) and flat woven fabrics (coated/uncoated).

Quality and Cost Control

We are committed to delivering top quality PP woven sacks and PP woven fabrics. All our PP woven products are produced in strict conformity with the ISO9001:2008 quality system. We have a specialized quality control department conducting strict quality inspections during each production process. Thus, the quality of our products is 100% guaranteed, which gives our customers the confidence that they are buying a reliable product.
As for cost control, we use advanced machinery to enhance our efficiency. And we also offer our staff with regular training to improve their skills. Compared with many western manufacturers, we benefit from lower labor costs, land costs, and material costs, which allow our quality PP woven cloth with competitive prices.