Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd
Quality Assurance

With the clean and reasonable-designed workshop space, as well as setting up a strict quality inspection system, we finalize the raw materials’ testing before entering the factory and every product must be passed through the system of the pre-inspection, the processing inspection and postpartum quantitative sampling, so as to ensure them to reach the satisfactory standards of every customer.

What we offer:
  • Laminated woven sacks
  • PP Woven sacks for small loose items
  • FIBC/Bulk Sacks/Tonne Sacks for bulky items
  • Net Sacks (with drawstring)
  • UV stable woven PP sacks
  • Box sacks
  • PP Woven Fabric
  • Camping Mat
  • More…


International quality management system
  • -ISO9001:2008
  • -Factory audit report from BV (Bureau Veritas)
Domestic quality management system
  • -License of hazardous chemical packaging production
  • -License of food packaging containers production
Strict Quality Control System

Raw material→Inspection→Buy in→Material in warehouse→In production→Random Sampling→Inspection→Middle-Production Sampling→Inspection→Finished goods sampling→Inspection→Professional QC team inspection before delivery